Swami Prabhavananda, Christopher Isherwood


Bucke, Richard Maurice


Treating the Trauma of Rape


Judith Beck

 This is an excellent presentation of Cognitive Therapy for the beginner, as well as the more advanced student. Highly recommended if you want to learn basic and practical Cognitive Therapy.

Shapiro, Francine; Forrest, Margot

 This is EMDR presented by its creator, Francine Shapiro. EMDR is well validated. EMDR uses imagery, but in a different way than in Autosomatic Training. This material is well worth reading if you want to get more detailed knowledge about another method for processing imaged memory.

Smucker, Mervin; Dancu, Constance

 This is an excellent book for a detailed discussion by an expert on the use of imagery in psychotherapy. The treatment does not present the systematic processing of all trauma, big 'T' and little 't as in Autosomatic Training', nor does it deal with resolving the ;body memories' in the darl/ligh/coloured place. Still an excellent source of imagery processing.

National Conference of Catholic Bishops

 This is a vey readable version of the Bible in modern English. There are good cross references and explanations of the text. The wording is somewhat different from other translations, as may be expected.

Karen Armstrong

 This an excellent and detailed examination of the history of religions by a master.

Karen Armstrong

 This is an excellent book covering in great detail the history of the People of the Book - in Judaism, Christianity and Islam - and their quest for enlightenment and the Presence of God.

Freud, Sigmund; Breuer, Joseph

 Freud's Studies in Hysteria is the first modern document that I am aware of that describes the elements of the process of inner analysis and resolution of emotional material that is used in Autosomatic Training. It is a good, if somewhat laborious, read. If you would like to get a good look at the inner workings of the mind, this book is a great resource.

Hart, William

 Wliiam Hart give an interesting and informative description of Vipassana Buddhism.

 The New King James Version is the old King James of 1611 put into modern English, not "to make a new translation...but to make a good one better" in 1990.

J. N. Darby

 This Bible is an interesting translation from Hebrew into English, from the 19th century. Since a translation is partly a linguistic exercise and partly based on the translator's point of view, it is useful to review different translations and editions of the various sacred writings. Darby's translation is partly interesting in being somewhat more specific about the use of God's name in translation.

J. B. Phillips

This translation of the New Testament was started in the 1960s. It is useful in that it is expressed in modern English. As with other translations, it exercises some freedom in phraseology as opposed to being a strictly literal translation. There is potential for misunderstanding since a non-literal translation is based partly on the translator's specific point of view in attempting to clarify the meaning of the original text for the reader. Sometimes that may be helpfu; sometimes not...

Elaine Pagels


This book introducing the Gnostic literature is an excellent introduction to an ancient derivative of Christianity, probably originating in the days of Jesus. The Gnostic literature and its adherents were later condemned as heretical and destroyed by the Second Century Christian Church. This hostility may well have originated with the Apostle Paul in the First Century who claims he got all his information...

Elaine Pagels


Beyond Belief is Elaine Pagels book about The Secret Gospel of Thomas, a book that many believe should be part of the New Testament Canon, an authoritative list of books accepted as Holy Scripture.

In thinking about Autosomatic Training (AST), The Secret Gospel of Thomas supplies some of the gaps between the clear statements we are able to make about AST in self healing, and the practices hinted at, more than stated...