AST Training for Practitioners

 Groups will be forming soon for Certificate Training in Autosomatic Training.

            Autosomatic Training™ Program


Certificate Programs will be commencing in the near future to prepare participants for certification in Autosomatic Training™ at 3 levels.


Practitioner of Autosomatic Training™

Certification at the Practitioner level recognizes that the trainee is able to substantially process all their own issues using Autosomatic Training™, including processing material related to the birth metaphor, body memories and the inner darkness (the pit).


Master Practitioner of Autosomatic Training™

Certification at the Master Practitioner level recognizes the ability to coach others to work through the same material discussed under Practitioner level.


Trainer of Autosomatic Training™

Certification at the Trainer level recognizes the ability to train Practitioners in the methods of Autosomatic Training™


Small Group:

Most training will occur in small groups where AST techniques will be demonstrated, co-counselling with other trainees will be practised, and teaching material will be presented. Groups will have 8-12 participants. Length of group sessions will be 1 ½ hours.



Trainees will pick their own co-counsellors to work together in group and outside of group. Co-counsellors may choose to change partners from time to time.



Seminars will be presented from time to time, including Introductory Seminars.



Group fees will be $150.00 per month, paid at the beginning of each month.

Individual coaching will be available at a rate of $130.00 per session.

Both individual and group rates may vary, based on ability to pay, and rates practitioners charge their own clients. This flexibility will allow some trainees to pay less, and encourage those trainees who are in practice and able to pay more to do so, depending on their ability to pay. This flexibility is designed to allow some to take the training at a reduced rate.


Please let me know about your desire to join, and the time frames that work for you.


Phil Walsh


Phone: 416-495-8071, # 2